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Apex Biotechnology Training and Research Institute is not-for-profit-research organization and the first exclusive biotechnology Training and placement organization in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The Apex Biotechnology Training and Research Institute was established on 15th October 2014. Currently this biotech institute is handling various contract research projects funded by Seven biotech ventures namely, ABTRI Biotech Private Limited, Enervi Enviro Services Private Limited, Chetti Masala Food and Spices Private Limited, Jayagen Biologics Private Limited, Cybrids Agro Biotech Private Limited, Jluxor Lifestyle Products Inc., and Mahathi Biotech.

The prime focus of the institute is to develop industrial ready work force as well as technology development and same transfers to the entrepreneur or biotech companies. Moreover, Apex Biotechnology Training and Research Institute is bridging between academia and biotechnology industries through its innovative R&D programs, Testing facility, Internships, Training and self funded projects. The core area of biotechnology we deals viz., food, agricultural, pharmaceutical, environmental, etc. Apex Biotechnology Training and Research Institute possess a good number of PhD's and M.Tech's holders as scientific officers and trainers. Apex Biotech's trained trainees were placed many places across India and overseas.

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We aim to provide biotech training and produce skilled work force to the biotechnology industries and being the first in class contract research organization in the country.


Our mission is to become a resource center for biotechnology training and placement. Being having the state-of-the art of R&D center will provide hands on experience in various laboratory, industrial techniques to the trainee. Apex also committed to provides quality biotechnological analytical services and contract research to the industries, researchers or students.

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We work to the client specific process and product development based on innovative and cost effective way. The project feasibility can be reviewed extensively on the basis of literature. We constantly believe R&D steer the company growth and we work towards their goals and delivered their dreams.

Apex Biotechnology Training and Research Institute is provides commercial/research oriented biotechnology projects to the any life sciences project students. Apex Biotechnology Training and Research Institute is also provides mini projects to the various biology streams.

Apex Biotechnology Training and Research Institute bringing out latest biotechnological news from around the world on genetic engineering, drug development, environmental, agriculture, bio-energy and clean food.

Clients are encourage to contact us by sending your inquiries to our contact page. We would happy to provide various biotech solutions to the needy. We always welcome our clients feedback to improve us very promptly.

ABTRI extended their expertise and instrumentation facility to primarily help the Students / researcher / scientists / entrepreneurs and industries. ABTRI aim at providing more precise and reproducible results on any given samples by in-time frame. At most all biotech analyses have been covered with the state-of-the-art instrumentation and cutting edge technologies with affordable cost.

Apex Biotechnology Training and Research Institute is offers various Internships in summer and winter seasons, Mini Projects, Hands on Training and also allow students to pursue their final year projects throughout the year.


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